About us !

sergeThe company was founded by Serge Coutellier in 1987. In those years, we concentrated our efforts in the marketing of our products.

And then, in 1993, we developed coalitions and alliances with different distributors. This became the turning point of the company.

The setting up and the sale of new networks under the "TURN-KEY " project format allowed us to become maufacturer and to open our bulk vending products department.

Willing to be the most innovative in this field, we added our famous "cup holder" to our kiosks, implemented a management system and established several strategic alliances with major distributing firms.

The system proved itself on every new network established ever since and is known throughout the province of Quebec and several areas in Ontario and New-Brunswick. From our first 20 bulk vending machines to over 25,000 now installed, we are proud of our accomplishments and continue to grow. 

With the help and confidence of our allies, we became "the" reference in bulk vending networks development.