Turn Key project

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Trademark Concept Marketing, this package includes:
50 or more vending machines with assorted kiosks.

+ Network build up and service agreements
+ Equipment preparation
+ 3/4 fill of bulk heads
+ Personalized service
+ Training
+ Working tools ( ex. starting kit, Excel accounting form, etc).
+ Delivery to locations


- There is no credit risk since all income is strictly made of cash money
- You work part-time or full-time, you decide
- You can add equipment and consequently increase your income
- Bulk vending machines work for you day and night, year-round
- Your business is shielded from recession
- You make profits right from the first day of operations
- Experience in business is not necessary but if you have some, it sure is an asset
- There is no fixed expenses such as rent, salary, advertisement, telephone, etc…
- A bulk vending machines network is a long term business that will bring you years
and years of profits
- Every week, millions of people buy from bulk vending machines